Sunday, January 8, 2017

socks... calzettoni

Ouch, it's cold outside! Definitely chilly these days: the sort of weather that makes one think about staying inside, sipping tea and maybe crocheting socks. Well, at least this what I have been doing over the weekend!
Stay warm

Brrr, fa freddo fuori! Un clima veramente gelido in questi giorni. Il genere di clima che fa venire voglia di stare in casa, bere tè caldo e magari lavorare calzettoni di lana all'uncinetto. In effetti, è proprio quello che ho fatto questo fine settimana!
State al calduccio


  1. Love the socks. They look so cozy

  2. Very cute socks! Yes, it is so very cold here too.

  3. Great colours. And wow, they are crocheted. I have never seen crocheted socks before. Great job.


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