P is a peacock... P è un pavone

Time for a new tiny part of our ABC. Most samplers have a peacock, so here is one! I stitched mine using DMC 3011, but you might like to try with some peacock blue for a change. The chart will be emailed shortly. Have a very relaxing weekend!

E' l'ora di aggiungere un altro riquadro al nostro ABC. Molti sampler includono un pavone, quindi eccone uno! L'ho ricamato con il DMC 3011, ma se preferite potete sicuramente optare per un bel blu pavone, più colorato. A breve manderò lo schema alle iscritte al SAL. 
Buon weekend!


  1. Oooh yes!! It's lovely, looking forward to stitching this one, thank you :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Ooh look forward to stitching it. Thanks Ele

  3. Aother lovely square love it with the peacock , hugs.

  4. I like the colors you chose, the Peacock is lovely.


  5. Love the peacock! Now to decide whether to change up the color or not. Thanks for this cutie.

  6. grazie per gli schemi, sono davvero bellissimi♥


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