Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June IHSW ... IHSW di Giugno

A bit late, but here is a picture of the new project I am working on, and that kept me well entertained over the past IHSW. It's a lovely design by The Sampler Girl, and perfect for the season I think! The frog visited :( I made a mistake in counting on line 4... luckily I discovered it quite soon and rapidly corrected. Love the way the design is progressing and look forward to see it finished.
Hope everyone joining the IHSW had a great time!

Un po' in ritardo, ma ecco una foto del nuovo progetto a cui sto lavorando e che mi ha tenuta occupata durante il weekend dedicato all'IHSW di questo mese. E' un bello schema di The Sampler Girl, perfetto per la stagione direi! Purtroppo mi è toccato un po' di "doppio lavoro"... :( ho fatto un errore nella quarta riga e ho dovuto disfare e rifare un pezzetto... Per fortuna che me ne sono accorta in tempo, e ho "riparato" in fretta! Sono curiosa di vedere come verrà questo progetto!
Spero che tutti partecipanti all'IHSW abbiano trascorso uno splendido weekend!


  1. oooo well done with the hermitting ... frog visited me as well and I got a photo to prove it too ..lol
    love the sampler girl chart :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. E perfetto per qui---fa molto caldo (95 Fahrenheit) e umido. Mi piace molto!

    It's perfect for here---the weather is very hot (95 Fahrenheit) and humid. I like it a lot!

  3. I totally agree with the words, it's so hot here too! Alas, my IHSW was not as eventful as yours! :D

  4. Love the poem, I to am late posting will do so tomorrow, I have been busy with work from 05:00 to anywhere between 18:00-21:00.

  5. Such a lovely pattern from the Sampler Girl! Wonderful progress on IHSW even with the visit of the blasted frog!!



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