Saturday, April 13, 2013

acknowledgments... ringraziamenti :)

I think some of my favorite stitched items are small treats, like needle-books, fobs or pincushions. This time I decided to make some as gifts, for two lovely ladies in a online group I joined. Now that both have received, I thought it was safe - and correct! - to acknowledge the designers' merits and post a picture of the red (a design by Catherine Anguelu for Mains et Merveilles) and blue set (designed by Mani di Donna).

Tra le cose che amo di più ricamare ci sono i piccoli "tesori" della ricamatrice... ;D porta-aghi, punta-spilli, e simili. Questa volta ho pensato di farne un paio per due simpatiche partecipanti di un gruppo online a cui mi sono unita di recente. Ora che entrambe hanno ricevuto, credo sia corretto riconoscere il merito di chi ha disegnato gli schemi che ho usato, quindi ecco qualche scatto del set rosso (uno schema di Catherine Anguelu per Mains et Merveilles) e di quello blu (schema di Mani di Donna).

And, speaking of acknowledgments, let me say thank you to Dani for awarding me the Super Sweet Blogging Award!
E, parlando di ringraziamenti, grazie Dani per il Super Sweet Blogging Award! 


  1. Lovely! Let us know their reactions! And congratulations on winning the Super Sweet Blogging Award! It is well deserved! Love, Erika

  2. Congratulations on your blogging award.
    I too am a lover of smalls like needlebooks pin cushions etc.
    Happy Spring

  3. Elena, I love my trio of blue smalls that you made for me, they are all soo lovely and have a special spot in a display tray on my study desk. Thank you for thinking of me and honouring me with your lovely finishes.

  4. Nice designs and glad they liked them.
    Love the design for your bag.

  5. Lovely designs and I'm sure the recipients of your lovely gifts truly appreciated them.


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