Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SAL part10... Parte 10 del SAL

Time to start the fourth and last row of our SAL. And to stitch... numbers! I combined cross stitch and Algerian eye stitch for this box. One big heart, two snowy mountains and three large cross-stitches!
I will mail out the chart in a little while.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

E' ora di iniziare la quarta ed ultima riga del nostro SAL. E di ricamare... i numeri! Per questo riquadro ho combinato punto croce e punto stella (o occhio algerino). Un grande cuore, due montagne innevate e tre enormi crocette!
Spedirò lo schema a breve.
Buona fine di weekend


  1. Thanks for the chart Ele, it's lovely

  2. Ele: Photos are not showing up.


  3. Another lovely chart Ele , thank you sweet friend.


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