Sunday, March 3, 2013

spring? ... primavera?

I thought I would encourage spring with my tiny biscornu, and here is what I found this morning in the garden!!! Isn't it lovely?

Avevo pensato di incoraggiare la primavera con il mio mini biscornu, ed ecco cosa è apparso in giardino stamattina... Non è deliziosa?


  1. hello dear its me cucki from south africa..
    thank you so much for following my humble blog..
    i am a happy follower of your blog now..
    sweet sign of spring..we are going towards autumn here..
    big hugs x

  2. We still have WAYYYY too much snow for that!

  3. We still have WaYYY too much snow for that!

  4. Pretty and it makes me feel like Spring isn't too far away.


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